another joke, not to be taken seriously.

The subject is in regards to any offhand comments about my overall demeanor.

Not a joke: J is nine years older than me. Think I neglected to mention that. So things with that will certainly blow over but today they were "ehhh". The thing is, I amlost actually cheated. I must really be a bad person or something because I am the worst combination of innocent and knowing what I want without really understanding the repercussions.

Its like I love the attention because I had gotten so used to being looked through instead of at. So now that all of a sudden men are coming out of the woodwork, I don't really know how to deal with it.

I still get a little thrill from remembering the way J acts around me... It sort of makes my day when the single-most attractive but taken-with-three-kids attorney at work goes out of his way for me to notice him so that I'll stop and chat with him... Does that make me a bad person? I'm not sure.

I can be SO smart sometimes. Oh my gosh, on the way home from the store we got in the wrong car and I put my key in it before I saw my actual car parked fifteen feet away! Crazy shit.

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