pre-bedtime runs aren't the smartest

Now I am too awake and I have to be up early in the morning. Ew I feel old saying that.

So I wanted to give a brief K update since I've neglected that story line due to the whole J scandal. He's still hot, he still flirts dangerously with me, but nothing really further. Other than his eyes being super-glued to me on thursday (guess that was some outfit, huh? In case you forgot, thursday was the J incident). I didn't see K on friday because of weird summer schedules that have been making it less likely for me to see him this past week and apparently this upcoming week too. Bummer.

So we'll see what happens with J and K tomorrow. You know I'll update as soon as something exciting (or semi-interesting) happens.

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Tya ilyana said...

will love to hear bout ur J N K too..thanks btw...anyway..architecture really fun..do come to my blog often..u must be really beautiful young lady rite..