my life seems to have grown significantly less exciting.

Stopped by Prof's office today armed with a shameless excuse of a question on subject matter, but he wasn't there. I tend to just assume people are going to be where I want them to be, when I want them there. It doesn't always work out so well for me, but such is the life of spontaneity.

Not worth giving him a name yet, but there's a cute guy in one of my classes that started chatting me up today. This is a plus because the professor seems to really love the sound of his own voice significantly more than the students do. One funny thing I realized today: I love parentheses so much that I found myself using them in my thoughts. Like, my thoughts wouldn't have sounded as good out loud as they would have on paper. This, my friends, is why I write.

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happyian said...

I am glad you write
(if for parentheses alone) .