fingers crossed...

If you are reading this, cross your fingers now. . . ok thanks. I figure I can use all the help I can get. Maybe even say a little prayer for me, since I've been wanting this the WHOLE FREAKING SUMMER. So. Today. Flirting with Ken.

Me: so when are you taking me out to lunch?
Ken: not today (frustrated), we have blah blah blah and blah to finish.
Me: aww, you know tomorrow's my last day...
Ken: I know (sad face but glint in the eye)
[smoldering glances]
Me: (over shoulder as I walk away) well, think about it.
[later in the day, I run into him unexpectedly]
Me: hey, you
Ken: hey, Having It Girl (fumbles with papers a little) ...when are you breaking for lunch tomorrow?
Me: around noon. (I get legitimately distracted by someone else for a minute, then tap him with my papers to get his attention) so... noon. (I walk away)

Think it'll actually happen? I mean, I'm afraid he'll flake out on lunch altogether. *cough*Tom*cough*. Speaking of Tom, I didn't even see his sexy ass today. bitch. I did see him yesterday though, and i hate to say it, but I'm even more attracted to Tom than I am to Ken. Not to mention the fact that Tom pictures me naked when he sees me. I mean let's be serious, he may as well come out and tell me what he's thinking. When I saw him yesterday, though, he didn't make any outright come-ons, and he also didn't say anything about flaking last Thursday. It really sucks that I'm leaving.


happyian said...

You are abrasive to
almost everything I feel
about relationships

It is painful to read
and THAT
is why i must.

Accidentally Me said...

At least now you can fool around with all the work people and not worry about the obvious awkwardness that would come from that:-)

Heff said...

Oh, for the love of Christ - Just ask the guy out yourself and get it overwith.

J. said...

Just be careful with married guys, you might find yourself their next wife! Voice of experience here.

Soon-To-Be Ex said...


do you think you have it? said...

accident-- that would be true if i weren't leaving the state.

heff-- i sort of did?

j-- God, i hope not.