oh, the frustration

I am leaving my job in a week. (but I need more time with my men!) Oh well it's probably for the better. Who knows what would happen, especially in light of recent incidents with Tom, and today with Evan.

Not sure if I've mentioned Evan before but he's been sort of a conundrum because he is the one who has probably expressed the most interest, without being overtly sexual, or, get this, taken! Wow, who knew single guys liked me?! So anyway the conundrum lies in the fact that he hasn't made a real move in the past few weeks, despite paying attention to me, dropping numerous hints of interest, etc. The logical step would have been to get my number. So he told me straight up today that he's been holding back because of my leaving so soon, and more or less said that he didn't want to start anything because he knew I'd be going at the end of the summer. He also said that he thought I thought he was a lot younger than he was... turns out he's a mere 17 years older than me. Yeah that was a shock to me; I had him pegged at 8 years younger than he is. which would make him 9 years older, which isn't such a big deal.

Also, lunch with Tom isn't happening. Barely saw him today, and when I did see him, there were other people around and we didn't talk much. I do think it's probably telling that he didn't bring it up around other people though. I mean, if it were platonic, he could have just said, "hey S, we still on for lunch tomorrow?" or even, "I don't think I'm going to be able to make lunch tomorrow". No big deal, right? Well apparently he had more than lunch in mind, whether or not he was planning on acting on those thoughts. So my weekend is looking depressingly free. This, my friends, is what they call Sexual Frustration. *sigh*


treespotter said...

hold on, 17 years older??

how does that work? I never date anyone that much older... 7 years difference is a lot already for me, nevermind 17 years.

do you think you have it? said...

tree-- I'd tell you how it worked, but I have no idea.