the men: indexed

B is Brad -- co-worker that is considerably older than me, but maintains the badass attitude and player reputation.

E is Evan -- sweet, closer to my own age, expresses interest in me but fails to make a definite move. I eventually find out that he is actually 17 years my senior. bummer.

J is Jason -- oh, Jason. great chemistry. has girlfriend that I work with on daily basis. partner of my almost-indiscretion that incites much office gossip. Added later: what I thought was "chemistry" was actually my own "vanity."

K is Ken -- my first real flirtation since getting back into shape. married. lots of chemistry.

M is Mike -- worked with closely a few times. married with a daughter that is almost my age. still, lots of chemistry. called me beautiful twice.

R is Ray -- still much older, but younger than Brad. single. more recent development and not quite so much chemistry, but still fun.

Ryan -- shit, there are two R's now. Is it bad that I only realized that as I was adding Ryan to the list? hot but not really my type, fun flirtation that I'll stay in touch with despite leaving.

S is Steve -- hardly deserves to be mentioned in here because he is such a minor character in my life. "likes the young ones". semi-creepy, but keeps to himself and mostly just stares.

T is Tom -- save the best for last. married with kids. most attractive man I see on a daily basis. friends-with-everyone type. did I mention sexy? makes "naked" comments.


treespotter said...

okay... i been going back thru your archive and this post IS very, very helpful. I lost track of the letters before.

Heff said...

Steve seems like the way to go, since most of those bastards are married. "Give Creep A Chance" !

The Diva on a Diet said...

Sounds like we need to roll all of these in to one, unmarried, sexy fun guy. Would that that were possible, eh? Thanks for the list, I was def. starting to get confused! LOL

Re: the blog background ... I got the template at:
site. Take a look.

Failing that, can go to your dashboard and edit the layout, etc.


Anonymous said...

I printed this and taped it to my wall beside my computer.

do you think you have it? said...

tree-- good. you're welcome.

heff-- since i seem to have a blind spot when it comes to wedding rings, i haven't specifically noticed whether or not Steve is married, but given the way he acts, i'd bet that he is.

diva-- if you find such a guy, i have dibs. and thanks for the link.

anonymous-- you're welcome?

treespotter said...

hope you don't mind, but your story makes an excellent read and i'll be sure to post more soon :D

les said...

Love the index. My daughter wrote one up a few years back...wasn't as nice as yours. If I find it I will send it your way!

do you think you have it? said...

tree-- what is it that i'm not minding?

les-- i am both happy for you and frightened that your daughter should share such details with you.

treespotter said...

sorry, that wasn't really clear. I'm writing something from something i read here. Married men? an interesting take. I'll give you my side of the story :D