too much

Soo, the good/bad thing about hardly drinking for the past few months is that when you do drink again, you get way more drunk, way more quickly. Especially if you've hardly eaten that day. I only had like 4 or 5 beers over the course of the night last night, but somehow I ended up completely shitfaced. Then I made the genius decision to take two monster hits.
Let's just say I didn't make it home until 10 this morning. Didn't make any bad life decisions though, other than getting obliterated. Luckily I didn't get a headache today though, just a sick stomach. Managed to drag my ass outside and go for a half hour jog, which felt sort of refreshing until I stopped.

I wanted to briefly say something that bugs me. When and why did "curvy" become a euphemism for "fat"? It's really annoying to those of us who actually are curvy. Take me for example. I have big boobs that are just wider than my hips, a narrow waist, and hips. I essentially have an hourglass shape. So WHY do I have to be lumped into a category with fat girls? Not only does that annoy me because I can't refer to myself the way that I actually am without inducing negative connotations, but when you substitute the word "fat" for the word "curvy", you are subtly saying that being curvy is an undesirable thing. Um, it's NOT! I love my boobs. I love my ass. I love my skinny waist.
Dear media,
Stop trying to tell me to hate the parts of me that make me feel sexy.


J. said...

I totally agree. I'm well-proportioned, "curvy" in the Marilyn sense, not in the "my fat rolls qualify as curves" sense. I HATE it when women use curvy as a synonym for fat, 'cause really, with an hourglass figure, what other word is there? I'm not thin or skinny, not muscular enough to call myself athletic, and I think it's kind of crass to just state measurements. So now the word that best describes me has been co-opted, and it irritates the shit out of me.

jsprik said...

omg i so know what you are talking about!! i had one , ill say that again, one rum and coke the other night at a wedding recetion and i was really buzzing. prolly had nothing to do with the fact that i havent had a drink in over 6 years!! oh j. this is what i like to say caue i am chubby---im not fat, i'm fluffy!! lol

treespotter said...

for the record, i personally use the word curvy to mean the best of things.

usually that means i am somewhat at least a little aroused during the encounter.

gross, i know. i'm a guy.

Katherina of Orlando said...

Haha oh man I totally agree with the curvy statement. It's a shame!

A fellow curvy not fat girl :)

Shila Shila and Cult Jam said...

That's a problem I would absolutely LOVE to have - to be called curvy!!! As, I am seriously lacking any curves. Boo.


do you think you have it? said...

j-- amen, sister. you bring up another good point about the athletic. i could say that i have an athletic body type, but that has a whole slew of connotations of it's own (flat-chested, butchy girls, anyone?). so here's a riddle: what's a woman with curves that toned and works out?

jsprik-- fluffy- i love it :)

tree-- good to hear. i'm thinking this whole "curvy" bullshit is more the fault of women than men?

katherina-- keep loving those curves :)

shila-- i know a LOT of girls that would trade body types with you in a second