i'm beautiful!

I was told that THREE times today. Three times, by two different people, before noon! Great day, great day. I don't need to go into detail because details are so often unnecessary and boring, but the guy who said it twice was the one that I was working closely with for the first time today, M, and we had gotten into this debate about my few extra ear piercings and image. The point was, at one point in the argument, he was describing me as smart, classy, etc, to say that the earrings were conflicting with that, and he said "you're a beautiful girl. A beautiful girl." Just like that, with the emphasis on beautiful.

Then the other time, R was trying to get me to show him my drivers license picture (he'd been giving me a hard time about it before since I wouldn't show it-- I'm fatter in it; no man needs to see that shit) and the other guy, his friend that I sort of am friendly with, said, "why do you need to see a picture when you have this beautiful face right here?"

What a day!


jsprik said...

hi, been reading your posts....i like your blog!!! i'm adding a link to you on mine....please feel free to come by and do the same...if you wish!! take care...look forward to reading more!!

happyian said...

I am glad you had a good day.
There is a shirtless gay man
who lives near me
who calls me beautiful as I walk by.

Why don't girls ever call guys beautiful?

happyian said...

I think that you are right.
We all do want to be understood
but I just want that one person

be it a lady laying next to me

or one person laughing in a crowd

Everyone else, i could care less.

Sorry for the way I write
it is just the pauses in my brain
as i think things .

You should call guys beautiful sometimes.
We'd appreciate it
as long as its not cat calling like a certain
gay man.

Kestrel said...

I think most men shy away from the term "beautiful", hence not many people actually will say it to a man.
I think that "beautiful" for a man comes in moments. You could always say a man is "handsome", but occasionally, the light might strike a man a certain way, or his face might make a certain expression, and in that moment, he is indeed, "beautiful".
I don't know you, but your thoughts posted here have made me want to say that I think you are beautiful. And I'm a girl! :)

do you think you have it? said...

ian-- read further down. i have been known to refer to guys as beautiful :)

Ron Southern said...

Are you too pretty for your soul? I guess we all have some sort of mismatch with ourselves. I think I have several, not one, and none of them in my favor!

Douchewatcher said...
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Douchewatcher said...

sometimes i think calling a woman beautiful is such a cop out. You get to know someone and the only thing you can think of to say is that they are beautiful?

being beautiful takes no more work than some good gene splicing and a little luck.

what about all the positive traits that are acquired by life experience, character, and substance?

integrity, honesty, creativity?

then again, sometimes women just want to hear that they are beautiful.


Ron Southern said...

Nature creates an appreciation of Beauty in nearly all species, so it ought not to be such a big deal. The human male sometimes equates the feelings he gets as a result of encountering Beauty as a justification of any sort of familiarity that might arise between him and the object Right Now! Beauty can be apprehended in two seconds--the other choice qualities take a lot longer.

Douchewatcher said...

I agree with you, but sometimes men wont even bother to look beyond the superficial to even learn about a person


do you think you have it? said...

kestrel-- thank you! this whole feeling beautiful thing is somewhat new to me...

douche-- i'm confident that if you had really read the whole post, you would have understood that it was intended as a compliment, as well as said in conjunction with other words like "classy" and "smart".

Douchewatcher said...

sorry, i wasnt actually referring to your specific story. Your post just got me thinking about the whole topic in general.

sorry if i took away from your feelings.


Vla3d said...

I think you're beautiful..

do you think you have it? said...

douche-- i think my feelings will survive ;)

vla3d-- thank you!