cavities: the new hottest turn-on?

This post will be short because I'm impatient and I have a shit ton of stuff to do.
So apparently I have a new hot dentist? He must have just joined the practice. However: TALK about an awkward way to meet a guy. So there he is, digging around through my FIRST EVER cavity. Can't really be thinking about how much he'd like to make out with that, now can he? Somehow he still flirted with me though. He had the whole suave guy thing down pat, winking and all. When he first came over and sat down by my chair, he reached down and kind of tenderly brushed a hair away from my face even though it was so not in the way. Would have been sweeter if he weren't married. Do all married men manage to fit their wives into all conversations with younger women that they flirt with? I mean really. Oh one more thing. Apparently laying out is like this sexy thing to men. When he came in to see me, he grinned at me and asked if I had any plans for the weekend. I said, laying out today, and he kind of fumbled his words before spitting out something about hoping that I wear enough... sunscreen.

I'll be posting a... what's it called... thing where you list characters or whatnot for reference? Well I'll be posting one of those so you (and I...) can keep all of my men straight. Anyway it should be up later today or tomorrow.


happyian said...

I completely relate!
it is so difficult to keep track of all my ladies!

I probably need one of those lists like you are making probably.

Shila Shila and Cult Jam said...

Well, since you said he was hot...

...your dentist can put his tool in my mouth anytime...