summary of my weekend in quotes

***my name is S***


guy: Where's your drink?
me: I have five classes tomorrow.
guy: Wow. (pause) Why?

best friend: We should get sex changes. We could be the best guys at [name of my school].
roommate: Why do all older men hit on you?

best friend: (disoriented and drunk) I thought I was looking for something...
me: Your dignity?
me: Jeff, can I borrow your phone? My purse is locked in Nick's room.
guy friend: (walking by and shaking head) S...
(I am in the hall talking to two guys that have been hitting on me the past few weeks and two girls come out of a room)
guy 1: S, have you met my girlfriend?
guy 2: S, have you met my girlfriend?

guy roommate: We need to help [other roommate]. She's too nice.
me: I'm not.
(silence... then laughing)
guy roommate: We need to help her be more like S.
Tom Cruise: sometimes you just need to say 'what the fuck' and make your move


treespotter said...

your social life, sounds tantalizing.

or whatever is the right word for it. Fun? :p

ToughGirl101 said...

I love how you just threw in that random tom cruise note lol.

do you think you have it? said...

my social life is very... tantalizing.

and i watched risky business that day and i LOVE that quote :)