introducing t

Am I wearing a sign that says "married? taken? hit on me!" Really. It's getting kind of ridiculous. So T is the attorney I mentioned once (twice?), the one who is absolutely the most attractive one that I see on a daily basis. Just started talking to me like last week, and today said this in passing:

T: what'd you do this weekend?
Me: not a whole lot; relaxed, laid out
T: laid out? naked or clothed?

I burst out laughing. Actually I just laughed writing it. It wasn't an awkward laugh though-- I laugh a lot, so it was more just a characteristic giggle. Then I saw him a little bit later and he proved that he wasn't really kidding about the laying out, because he asked me where I laid out. Like this time, it was just conversational, but it showed me that he was still thinking about it. Oh, T, you are so sexy (*cough*withthreekids*cough*). Oh, my life.

Update on the other two:
K is loving me (modesty is overrated). I haven't been paying him as much attention and it's making him all the more into me.
J was nowhere to be found today. That's not that weird, I'm just hypersensitive because I keep thinking about seeing him. The GF didn't say a word to me today.

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