she said it best

"Flirt in moderation. Be careful of sexual joking because its never really a joke.". --sheri argov

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Ann said...

Amen to that!

Robert the Skeptic said...

Thanks for commenting on my SL blog. Actually, I am quit interested in your research on SL... if you read any of the other entries in my blog, you will see I spent a great amount of time involving myself in the phychology and sociology of SL. I am still there, in fact, and it is, as you say, "very intense"... too intense to blog about. I would like to hear about what YOU found in SL. I am curious and interested in such things. Again, thanks for commenting.

Alicia said...

Thats true. I like to pretend to flirt with guys by sticking out my tongue or something super sexual like that. I always understand it's a complete joke and I'm not serious, but I've had guys who seriously think I'm hitting on them.