i am dumb

True Life: I'm Dating a Mormon. Called Mark him tonight, about forty-five mins ago. He didn't answer and I just finished this huuuge assignment so I needed to relax, so I took a hit. So I'm rolling along nicely, grooving to some quality music, and he calls back. Can I answer? No. Why? He thinks I am an angel. It's probably not a good sign that he doesn't know an entire side of me (that does NOT go along with his morals). I haven't lied-- I promise-- but I also haven't told him that I go out to bars, I occasionally get drunk, and I am recently becoming a stoner in my spare time.

It's just that, when I'm with him, I'm SO myself in all the other ways. So it's not like I'm faking anything... he likes the good in me. I just wish I knew he would accept the bad. And that he wasn't Mormon. Oh well, guaranteed not to get too serious! ...I should love that, right?