what i eat

every day:
Breakfast: plain scrambled egg in pan with olive or coconut oil
Lunch: bell peppers and cheese
Dinner: lean meat or fish and vegetables--usually sauteed


Diana Elaine said...

Hey there ... are you on a low carb diet by any chance?

I noticed the coconut oil right away, cause that's how I'm eating right now. Not REAL low carb, just LOWER carbs.

How's it working for you, and how do you like it?

Diana Elaine said...

Oh .. no, coconut oil doesn't have ANY carbs! AND it's DELICIOUS!

I put it in my coffee or fry with it, or just have a spoonful alone.

It's known for many health benefits, it's actually a GOOD oil ... and it's a solid, that melts quickly and easily, not a liquid.

I'm just starting a lower carb way of eating ... and so far I feel better and am losing weight.