On break at work listening to the song handlebars by flobots. Its badass. I like it. I also Iike how hot I look today and how so many guys notice that I look hot. I've lost a ton of weight and I'm gonna keep going until I'm back to a size four. If I'm hot at size ten (yes, I said it. I'm a ten... Ha... Double entendre?), I can't wait to literally stop men in their tracks when I'm a four again.

I was talking to my brother about appearances yesterday. He's all about appearance. He'll tell you its everything. I partially agree. Because I'm pretty, I'll go farther in life. But that's because of the confidence and attitude that go with being pretty. In my opinion its like the icing on the cake... but not really. Maybe its like the outside of a house. Probably a bad analogy because I just came up with it now but think about it: you wouldn't give a second glance to a house with torn siding, but you'd probably be willing to give a beautiful brick house with a curved walkway and pretty yard more of a chance even if the kitchen wasn't as big, or the basement wasn't finished.

Enough analogies. All I'm saying is, the first impression determines a lot about the relationship (personal, professional, whatever), and the first impression and appearance are one and the same. Back to work-- but not before I fix my hair.

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