"moody bitch, come back here"

First: what I ate. Skip it because I know you don't care.
--egg whites
--one string cheese and vegetables
--about 5oz white fish and steamed vegetables
--2/3 piece whole wheat bread with about 1T peanut butter
--about 1 1/2 T almond butter
--medium-sized salad with romaine lettuce, FEW bacon bits, sprinkle mozz cheese, handful-ish mixed nuts (loving the nuts today), raisins, handful or so pita chips (I'm out of croutons), lite ranch dressing
--1/2 cup sugar-free fat-free pudding
--2 sugar-free jellos
--lots of blueberries and grapes

Let's be serious; I could have done a WHOLE lot worse. Probably packed in the calories with all the nuts (they are some calorie-dense sons of bitches, let me tell you), but fuck it. Still could have done worse. At least I stayed away from sugar. Sugar is Evil.


Yes, I now respond to the name "moody bitch". What can I say, I deserve it. Today I am a moody bitch because I more or less threw a temper tantrum today about the fact that K is married. So today, nothing really happened that is easy to write about, but there is only so much that can go down at work. When I walked out of the room for the last time today, I literally expected sparks. I held his gaze just long enough that it was too long to not mean what we both meant it to mean, and the way he stared back let me know exactly what he was thinking about. It was so hot.

On another note, there are lots of others that are sort of in the picture now. Using initials gets way confusing, even to me, but B, 46-year-old attorney who thinks hes badass, definitely has been amping up the come-ons. And there's another guy, S, that apparently has a reputation for "liking the young ones". He didn't acknowledge my existence until... last week? Now he has my lunch (did he always?) and 90% of the time I glance at him, he is staring. Not creepily, though. Well maybe a little bit. Whatever, he's ruggedly hot. He can creepily stare if he wants. Last but not least, E, another attorney that is probably about my age (!!) has been making an effort to get my attention this week and last week. I feel like I have the upper hand with him because I'm not as attracted to him as he is to me. You can just sense these things. But he's still pretty cute and way fun. I kind of hinted at asking myself out today and he looked surprised and happy. So who knows where that could go. Oh one more: the boyfriend. Asked me half-jokingly to take a ride with him in his car at break today. Really, J?? Nevermind that you have a girlfriend that probably just SAW you hit on me. Honestly, I'd give HIM more of a chance of making a real pass at me than K.

Anyway, my hand is falling asleep so I'm going to go, but I have to say that the reason I was so frustrated, and will probably be frustrated again as soon as I come down from my food high, is: WHY is the ONE person I have the most chemistry with, that wants me as much or more as I want him, which is badly, MARRIED?!?! If he weren't married, he would definitely have asked me out with him. Absolutely.



Tonga said...

Haven't you thought that maybe if he weren't married, he wouldn't have lighted up the spark as he did? I mean, you wouldn't have been so attracted to him?

You have a nice blog here, it'll add it to my RSS.

Take care, and better luck next time.

Diana Elaine said...

Take away the bread and fruit you had today, and you'd be low carbing like me. :-)

I'm feeling great and losing inches and weight. My clothes are fitting better, YAY!

Today I ate:

piece of low-carb cake (I made it)

fried chicken pieces with fried onions

spinach cooked in butter YUM

cheddar cheese

LOADS of water!

Thanks for stopping by today. :-)

Tonga said...

RSS is something that let you suscribe to blogs, in order to keep informed of new posts and comments. You can use Google Reader for that. You'll find in the bottom of most blogs something that says "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)". Well, you click there, then there'll be an option that says something like "add to google reader", and that's it. Every new post or comment made to any blog of interest to you will appear there. Try it, it's useful.