i am a hypocrite, almost

First of all I have to commend myself for sneakily bringing my purse to the bathroom since I'm at work and we're not allowed to have phones. The thing is, no one can stop me because I can always say I had feminine products in my purse. That's probably what people think anyway. Or I could say makeup. Whatever. On with my real point.

Bis an attorney (hahah someone came in here and I had to pretend to be chilling in my stall. Ew.). So I see B all the time but he recently just started talking to me. Surprise surprise-- I just went down like 2 pant sizes. Anyway he was wearing a wedding ring to appear more credible to the jury and I was giving him shit for it, and Kate (coworker) said he should wear it to bars and start hitting on girls. He said something to me later in the conversation after the other people left about never getting laid again because the ring was stuck on --- I have to finish this story later its taking way too long.

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