i think my perfume is making me lightheaded

I got ready to go out way too early. Going downtown tonight to celebrate.... wait for it.... my BIRTHDAY! The actual date wasn't today but it kind of creeps me out to say my birthday on here.

I wish I had some really deep thoughts to share, but in addition to getting ready too early, I put on a little too much perfume. It smells fantastic though-- Lacoste Inspiration. Good stuff, in slightly smaller quantities. Oh there is one thing I want to say. I was reminded last night of an incident that happened a while back. I have a friend/acquaintance who makes the age-old mistake combination of drinking way too much and wearing far too little. On top of that, she acts in a fashion that tells guys that they can do what they want if she just has a little more to drink.

Getting to the point. we were all at a house party, everyone was drinking, and she was shacked up in a room with a guy that we all knew. People thought the match was an odd one (he's more the socially awkward, funny guy in the group), but laughed and thought nothing of it. Come to find out, she had been passed out when he came into the room... in the cab on the way home, she kept insisting that she didn't remember. Denial? The point that I'm making is, girls have to be careful no matter who they're with or where they are. It's not sexist. It's fact. Especially when drinking large quantities of alcohol, around other people who are doing the same.

Everything turned out okay. But who's to blame? No one will really know the whole story. Did she tell him to meet her in the room, or did he even do it? Girls: don't be a drunk mess. Guys: don't be a sleazy asshole.

Happy Saturday!


justjenna said...

Hey thanks for the comment and the advice...
Sorry about the ordeal but Happy Birthday in any case!

live your life. said...

yeah i just had a lottt on my mind haha. but about youre whole drinking thoughts.. i couldnt agree more.. i have so many friends that get ridiculously drunk just so they can be a slut.. and i never could understand why they do it. it never turns out good anyways

Ann said...

Thanks for the comment!

I agree...girls need to be careful, but that includes taking responsibility. Being drunk is not an excuse. :)