the sun never sets on a badass

My ipod is frozen. And I thought only computers were supposed to freeze?!

Last night was a shit show... hilarious. I don't really feel like writing all about it but I will say that we went to a place where the wait staff are assholes to you, and everyone just throws things at you and there was live music and karaoke (let's not talk about that last one). Like I said, shit show. Our waiter was hilarious though, and kept picking on me, instead of my thinner and gorgeous friends. We got lots of cute pictures that you'll just have to imagine, thanks to our lovely society that breeds far too many internet creepers. At some point in the night we decided it'd be fun to ride around in a super stretch limo, too. Bad ass.

One annoying part of the night: girls are bitches. Actually, one of my best friends is a bitch. I don't really have to go into detail, but I've known she was a bitch since we became best friends, and sometimes it bugs me more than others. Still, fantastic night overall.

K won't be at work this week, but he told me it'll only be one week this time :). Whatever, there are plenty of hot attorneys to look good for anyway. But let's be serious, I'll save my best man-catching outfits for next week.


Wii said...

I think you have a badass website. I seen your post in the coffee shop and buzzed over to see what was up. Seems like you got this blogging thing going on. Good Luck.
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If you het a chance give me some feedback too please.

blogsin said...

you are one intersting "it gurl" it seems and u hv sme attitude in ur blogs......u write little but does write sense , the reality , the unsaid !
cheers !

Will said...

Frozen Ipod's & Bitches!

(who could ask for more?)

badass! (spank*)


do you think you have it? said...

to wii: i'm just doing this for fun, but to anyone out there who's willing to pay me, i take cash or checks...