allow me to explain

My pinky nail is still black. I swear it's gotten more disgusting every day since I slammed it in a door at work like 2 weeks ago. Gross.
On the bright side, I made an appointment for my first ever brazilian bikini wax today. I'm stoked.

Since I'm a lazy ass today, I thought I'd waste some more time and talk about my favorite subject as of late-- K. The realist in me tells me that worst [best?] case scenario, he just wants sex and best [worst?] case scenario, he's just having fun flirting and doesn't want or expect anything more.
Here's what I do know: He checks me out every time he sees me. He flirts with me and tries to be near me as much as possible. He is married. We work together. We aren't ever alone at work [that SUCKS]. He is fucking gorgeous. What I don't know: What he wants from me. If he is willing to cross that line. What he considers crossing the line. How old he is.

I'm guessing what he wants is complicated. The KING of cop-out words. Screw complicated! I know what I want! I want him to take me out, pretend his wife doesn't exist, and have some fun! No sex though; TALK about complicating things. He just has to kiss me so that he can see that it's really not complicated at all. He is beautiful, I am hot and on my way to beautiful, we have amazing chemistry! That's it!

See how much easier it is when you're dealing with a smart girl? ;)


Soon-To-Be Ex said...

Thanks for checking out the blog. I like yours as well. Later.

Diana Elaine said...

Trust me when I say this ... you don't want to pursue this!

He's probably flattered that you find him attractive, and he's flirting because it's fun and innocent. Even if he DID cross that line, do you really want that? You say you do ... but do you know how much that hurts a wife? That wife could be you someday.

And his if he did cross that line, that says allot (bad) about his character, because a man who will pretend that his wife doesn't exist, doesn't have a very good character, and could very well do the same to you someday.

Just some thoughts on the matter, that you need to consider. :-)

Soon-To-Be Ex said...

I did read it smartass. You write well. "K" should figure out what he wants

Anonymous said...

Are you as low class as you seem? You sound like a real scumball.

do you think you have it? said...

Gee, thanks anonymous! I aoways appreciate a good compliment.

Rob Baiton said...

So, kissing would not be crossing the line? or is it sort of crossing the line but pulling back before the line is permanently crossed with a little bit of sex?


do you think you have it? said...

rob-- i'm thinking that kissing would be crossing the line, but i guess it would depend on the opinion of the person doing the kissing. and honestly, i feel like if you've waited that long for a kiss, there's going to be a whole lot more behind it, if you know what i mean.