hypocrisy continued

After chilling in the bathroom for far too long I I anticipated the awkwardness when I came out of the bathroom after like 20 minutes. SO continuing where I left off.

B said something to me about how he was never going to get laid again since he couldn't get the fake wedding ring off, and I was like: or more than ever, depending on what kind of girls you're looking for. Despite the fact that we had touched on this idea earlier when other people were around,
B: well, what would you do?
Me: what do you think? (as in, what do you take me for)
B: I don't know
Me: i'm too classy for that... i don't mess with married guys.
So THAT is why I am almost a hypocrite. Also let me say that B has been shamelessly flirting with me the past few days. I probably shouldn't enjoy it as much as I do (B is pretty cute and the player/badass attitude makes up for what he lacks) since he's 46 and I am definitely NOT 46.

I kind of want to make a new post but I won't. Today was a great day for many reasons.
1. K accidentally-on-purpose brushed up against me.
1.1 K is definitely definitely attracted to me.
1.2 He is beautiful.
2. Supervisor introduced me to a judge today and I had a long conversation with him.
2.1 He has done everything in law-- prosecution, defense, judge, some type of clerking and was willing to share his experiences with me.
2.2. He treated me like I am pretty and going places in life. i.e: now I am smart AND pretty.
2.3 He then introduced me to the chief judge who was also very friendly and open.
3. B more or less hit on me.
4. I managed to keep my red wedges on all day despite major blisterage toward the end.
5. I got mad exercise going up and down those escalators (I walk) and the halls from courtroom to courtroom
6. I am great.

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