CRABBY! Raise your hand if you've been pissed, and known you shouldn't be so pissed, and that makes you even more pissed.

Someone should write a book on how to seduce a married man. I would read it. Unfortunately something tells me it wouldn't quite make the bestseller list.


justjenna said...

So I can empathize with part a, definitely. Frustrating much? And it's made so much worse when people ask what's wrong...

And hey, you could always make it a fiction ;)

Diana Elaine said...

WELL, I can tell you my husband's background on this:

He was married before me, at age 32, started fooling around with the babysitter ... eventually left his wife for her, lived with her for 3 years ... then cheated on the babysitter.

As I type, we're separated. He never cheated on me, but there are many other issues he has and won't face ...

As he looks back at it now, he tells me it was a stupid thing to do, and many people (especially his wife and kids) got really hurt. It still affects his kids today, and they're grown.

When a married man cheats on his wife, most times, he'll turn around and cheat on you ... his character can't be trusted.

Just thought I'd throw that out there.`