judge me

It's Thursday, so I'm going to consider it Friday.

Work has been a little more fun these past few days since I've made a new friend. She likes me (she really likes me!) and tells me all the crap that she hears floating around the office and we laugh about it since we both could care less. Let me tell you, you work in an office long enough with people like the ones I work with, and the talking-behind-backs starts to get to you. So, it's nice to have someone to joke around with and NOT talk about other people. Also, in K's absence, there are 2 1/2 guys I've been enjoying talking to. The half is kind of an ass so he didn't really deserve to be completely counted. It's funny because one of them, R, always calls me "trouble" and gives me a hard time like that. The funny part comes in because I think sometimes people perceive me as completely different than I am... for the past however-many years, I've been a total home body. I hid out, basically. So maybe it's the fact that I'm just starting to be happy with myself that's making me seem so outgoing (making me BE so outgoing, I suppose) and fun. I think I can venture that I seem fun from the way people act around me.

I'm kind of tired of writing about K, since the important thing and the reason I want to write is much less concerned with him and much more concerned with the changes I'm going through and the observations I make along the way. With that said, I need to say that NOTHING HAS HAPPENED between us. I AM human, however and therefore subject to the same facets of human nature as everyone else, including desire. So go ahead and judge me-- just keep in mind that it is far easier to judge a stranger than to try to understand where they're coming from. That's all-- naptime! :)

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