k is back

Only got to see him twice though. while the day didn't exactly go how I planned, it probably ended up perfect because now he should just want to see me more than ever. When he did see me, once I walked past because he was with two other people (but I knew he saw me), then I passed him on the way out of a courtroom and just said "hey" and smiled as I walked past. he said, "hey, Having It Girl" and then called after me, "I know you missed me last week". I just turned and laughed as I kept walking. Didn't see him again after that. Even aside from K, today was a good day. I would write more but my nails are still wet and I haven't royally messed them up yet so I'm not going to press my luck. Painting one's nails takes way more patience than I possess.


justjenna said...

correct me if I'm a dumbass and misinterpreting this, but he reads your blog?

do you think you have it? said...

Hahaha no you're not a dumbass but he definitely doesn't read my blog.

Anonymous said...

Seriously...I thought you already knew when you said you could see where the comment posts were coming from. Town/State.