My Auntie Rose arrived in town today and I am fairly certain that I am going to die.

In other news, I am a cow. Struggling to understand why it is that I want to go off my diet on days that I get hit on. Ate four granola bars (why?) and a bagel with cream cheese in addition to a cookie from the batch that I found in the freezer and decided to throw in the oven-- no burns this time! What else. Oh a diet fudgsicle and a popsicle. This in addition to dinner. Awesome.

I do have a story about a new potential boy though, who's name is Nate. I used to work as a hostess at a restaurant when I was 16 or 17, and had a huge inappropriate crush (shocking though that may seem) on one of the servers who was like 22 or 23. Well guess who came to my counter to pay a ticket today! I was like, wait-- did you work at Restaurant? And he was like, yeah, years ago... etc etc. Pretty sure he didn't remember me but that's fine, it was just a flirtation that could never be.
BUT now it is totally not inappropriate anymore, and he is still way cute! My boss was around when I was talking (she later told me she thought he was cute) but he did give me his card and it was out of the blue. The thing is, it just has his phone number and website on it, no email address. I don't want to call him-- just on principle, but I also feel like texting is a little juvenille. Maybe I'll just facebook him, bahaha. This does seem to be a recurring theme though; during the school year I reconnected with a past inappropriate flirtation-turned more-appropriate semi-relationship. Not that I'm saying that this would ever be a relationship. Nonono.

Carmex is great.

Remember to ask Tom: can you get a ticket for not having your hands on the steering wheel?


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