so great!

Actually I don't have anything that great to share but I'm feeling sort of funny; for some reason the title makes me laugh. Some random thoughts:

--I realized, after examaning my cousin's tattoos this weekend, that I could never ever get a tattoo. I've known this for a while, really BuT the things is, I can't even commit to a nail polish color. What made me think I could ever commit to a tattoo for my Entire Life?
--Watched two television shows tonight and feel somewhat like a vegetable. I think I feel about television the way a lot of people feel about beans. For the most part, you can take them or leave them. It is only on rare occasions that they truly satisfy.

A stranger told me that I was pretty today. "A pretty one," he said. Sure, he was overweight and probably underloved, but he was really just a big sweetie So I took the compliment, sans-creeped-out-aftermath.

Saw Tom again today, which was a nice surprise since I haven't seen him the past few Mondays (one more reason Mondays usually suck). We didn't really get to talk though since I was really busy all day. He did catch my eye and "yell" at me to get back to work. I swear he is fifteen years old. Maybe that's why I like him (I am secretly thirteen). Oh, Tom. You are so fantastic.

Great word alert: "welp." It's lodged itself in my head, and it's quite funny to say to yourself our out loud in appropriate situations. For example:
In an uncomfortable dinner-date: Welp, I'd better get home, I have to be up early for work tomorrow.
When speaking to your grandfather: Welp, I suppose I'll become a freelance artist, or a car mechanic.
That's all I've got.


happyian said...

Underloved. Good descriptor for a certain type of person.

Very good ma'am.

do you think you have it? said...

Thanks, Ian :). Glad to see you're still blogging!