new beginnings?

I'm going to Florida tomorrow for-- guess what!-- another wedding, and hopefully some relaxation time too. I'm thinking it'll be good for my psyche, and my unrequited lust for Tom. Ugh, don't want to think about it but I've got to put the options out there for why he would have ignored me, arranged from best to worst. Let me know which you think it is.

1. He couldn't come up with anything clever to say
2. He was distracted
3. He's just not as excited to see me anymore and doesn't think about it one way or the other
4. He subconsciously noticed that I was looking fatter and wasn't as turned on
5. He's no longer into me
6. He's never really been into me

I'm gunning for 1, obviously, but I'm nervous that it's one of the others (Please not four!) and I have a bad feeling that it's 3 =(.

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Bambi said...

No, he's a man.... men are mostly brainless until the penis kicks into gear...so really he just wasn't horny at the moment so not noticing anyone but himself in the reflection of the door as he walked out.. it's not you!