hold me, hold me 'cause I wanna get higher and higher

$y younger cousin is getting married tomorrow. I feel old(?). But I'm not old at all-- she is very young. Should be fun though, tonight is fun. Love family, love weddings. This one is very laid back. They seem happy so that should be enough, I suppose. I just think its a little unnecessary since they're both still in college, but who am I to say.

I sound bitter and I'm not at all. Just need to remind myself that I needn't marry anytime in the near future; I am still young and in no hurry!
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treespotter said...

Don't worry, i'll keep reminding you.

Any progress with the book writing? is there a limited beta viewing somewhere?

The Diva on a Diet said...

OMG, you're back!!! How've you been?! Where have you been?! LOL

Welcome back, its so nice to see you. :) And I hope the wedding was fun!

do you think you have it? said...

Tree-- thanks! and nope, you'll have to wait until it comes out in print... although releasing the title on here could be difficult while maintaining anonymity... hmm.

Diva-- YES I'm back and better than ever ;) I'm so glad you're still blogging!

treespotter said...

you can always drop me an email with the title. I'll be discreet.

I just went bookshopping, i need some that can make me laugh.