i have NO time to write this but...

Mark called! :)

I'm not getting my hopes up on this one though, for the aforementioned reasons, and also because... I guess I don't really have any other reason other than I hate being let down. Who doesn't?

So again, sorry that I suck at posting but I'll tell you this: I'm in the process of writing not one, but TWO theses that will end up being around 90-100 pages each. But, I'm still here, still reading when I can!


Sass said...

You, my friend, definitely have it. You're juggling a lot, and still checking in on here. How do you do it? ;)

Keep us posted!!!


The Diva on a Diet said...

I was thinking about you yesterday and hoping all the school stuff is going well for you. Good luck on all those papers and hang in there!